„Ádám Zambrzycki’s shape is not average, his face is not everyday: this contemporary dancer is a remarkable phenomenon. A thin but muscular body, a bald head and big eyes, he is like a fairy-tale figure. Who knows, maybe it is due to yoga: he regularly gets the most ambiguous roles in others’ choreographies. His movements flow but at the same time they are hard, his acting abilities have already been revealed. He is tragic and comic, a lyric clown, a Buster Keaton character. He was the solo dancer of Company Pál Frenák for a long time.”


Sebestyén Tímea

Choreographer assistant

She began his studies at the ballet school of the Hungarian Dance Academy and later studied at the Budapest Dance Academy. She participated in the first year of Mu-Termin, in 2005, currently a freelance dancer. She has worked regularly with PR-Evolution Dance Company and Bloom! She is a founding member of a dance ensemble. In 2010, City concert was awarded international recognition for Jardin d’Europe as a co-reporter and in 2011 was awarded Lábán Award. She has been working with the Zadam Company since 2008.

Grecsó Zoltán


He continued his dance studies at Linz (Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitat), and in 2006 he was a member of the Mu Terminal. Among others, he worked with Gyula Berger, Nigel Charnock, Pál Frenák, Éva Duda, Gábor Goda, József Hámor, Kata Juhász, Attila Kun, Zoltán Nagy, Klára Pataky, Anikó Zsalakovics. He has been presenting his own works since 2008, and the Willany Leo Improvisation Dance Theater was founded in the same year. Solo and duet choreographies have earned several domestic and international awards, and teaches in several schools. He has been working with the Zadam Company since 2008.

Mikó Dávid


After studying at the Budapest Dance Academy, he continued his studies at SEAD in Salzburg. A Sub.Lab. Kollektíva and the founding member of the International Dance Week. As a dancer, he performed in Éva Duda, Tamás Bakó, Eleonore Valere, Diego Gil and Matej Kejzar’ performances. He has been working with the Zadam Society since 2013.


She graduated from Eötvös Loránd University of Technology, where he studied lecture-analysis and theater studies. She began her professional dance studies at the company dance competitions of the Budapest Dance Theater and continued her Elit training. Subsequently, the Central European Dance Theater contracted. As a performer she regularly participates in productions of Freak Fusion Cabaret. She has been working with the Zadam Company since 2014.

Fehér Laura


In 2004 she graduated from the Folk Dance Theater degree of the Hungarian Dance Academy. After completing the school she contracted to the Szeged Contemporary Ballet, which she was a member of until 2013. In the following years she participated in theatrical works and projects. Among others, she is featured in the performances of TranzDanz, Bozsik Yvett Society and PR-Evolution Dance Company. She has been working with the Zadam Company since 2013.