Zadam Company was founded in 2003, and has continued its creative work ever since. In the beginning the company presented dance pieces as part of multi-arts projects and actions, but in 2005 it started creating independent dance pieces and its repertory is widening year by year.

The company has no permanent members, it still gathers a company of performing artist who work together on a regular basis. The artists participating in the performances are respected and renowned partakers of the Hungarian contemporary arts scene, make their own productions as well.

In the performances visual elements and approach get a highlighted role. The composition is never limited to the language of movement, it always aims at the integration of the various artistic genres. According the practice the creators of the piece look into the given subject-matter from various angles often creating pieces of various formats (film, theatre). The presented works are often renewed in a revised, up-to-dated form preserving their freshness, enriching, fine-tuning the conceptual structure.

This continuous artistic work is facilitated by the project-based operation of the company.